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A Church-Based Approach to Ending Family Homelessness

“Is Bridge of Hope Right For Me?”

Bridge  of Hope is a 12-24 month program designed to assist single women with children  in achieving  family stability. We believe that family stability includes permanent housing,  financial stability through employment, life-changing friendships, and  increased self-esteem and growth in the areas of holistic living.  Participating in this program requires a  great deal of work and commitment.  In  order to assist families in achieving their goals, we maintain the expectations  outlined below for all program participants.   Please review these expectations to consider whether you are willing and  able to commit yourself to working toward them at this time.

Bridge  of Hope staff and Family Intake Committee will review your application to  determine whether they believe you can benefit from Bridge of Hope’s services  at this time.  During the application  process, it is important for you to contact the office once a week by phone and  follow through with appointments.  This  will be taken into account as your application is reviewed. If you decide  Bridge of Hope is not right for you, please call us to withdraw your  application.

Bridge  of Hope asks all participants to commit to the expectations below:


1.  I  will secure permanent housing with the assistance of Bridge of Hope staff and  mentors.
2.  I  agree that only my children and I will reside in my home.
3.  I  will keep my residence clean and safe, including all walkways, stairs and halls  that are my responsibility.
4.  I will follow the lease agreement as  signed by myself and my landlord and notify my landlord  promptly of any maintenance problems.

Employment & Finances

1.  I  will seek regular, permanent employment in order to become financially stable during  my time in Bridge of Hope.
2.  I  will increase my earning potential by pursuing additional schooling or job  training, if necessary.
3.  I  will pay all my bills (rent, utilities, telephone, etc.) in a timely manner.
4.  I  will work with Bridge of Hope staff to develop budgeting skills that will  support financial stability and will keep staff updated on my financial  situation.  This includes being  accountable for the ways I spend my money.


1.  I  will work with, learn from and build friendships with a mentoring group from a  local church.
2.  I  will allow mentors and Bridge of Hope staff to be involved in my life for the  purposes of support, guidance, and friendship as I develop a plan to meet my  goals.
3.  I  will attend monthly Bridge of Hope Nights with my mentors.  I understand that attendance is required.
4.  I  will maintain basic phone service, which is important to stay in contact with  my mentors and  Bridge of Hope staff.
5.  I  will work with Bridge of Hope staff to develop a Personal Service Agreement,  identifying specific goals for myself and my children and committing myself to  work toward these goals.
6.  I  will communicate openly and honestly with Bridge of Hope Staff.

Holistic Living

1.  I will identify and work on goals in the areas of physical, emotional, social and spiritual health while I am in the Bridge of Hope program.
2.  I will not use alcohol during the time I am in Bridge of Hope.
3.  I will not have any involvement with or use illegal drugs.  I will submit to drug testing if deemed necessary by Bridge of Hope staff.
4.  I will work with and keep appointments with Bridge of Hope and other community agencies.

This all leads to two main questions:  Am I ready to have other people become actively involved with me?  Am I ready to make the major changes this will require in my life?
Feel free to call Bridge of Hope to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.  We know that you are in a vulnerable position and want to be as helpful and forthright with you as possible.  We believe God has a plan for your future and we wish you peace for the journey ahead.

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