Berks County

A Church-Based Approach to Ending Family Homelessness

Janice’s Story


How Janice came to Bridge of Hope:

In 2009, my son and I moved here from Puerto Rico as victims of domestic violence. After being rejected by many agencies our situation became desperate. Every single hope for a better future was disappearing. After searching and calling everywhere, one day I contacted the Bridge of Hope organization. That’s how our lives started to make sense.

Janice’s relationship with her mentors:

Thanks to our mentors, we can say we have a support system to turn to if needed. Honestly, at first I had fears about the relationship with mentors for several reasons. I feared we would be rejected again because we were from Puerto Rico or because we spoke Spanish. But I must say my fears were unfounded. The resulting relationship between our mentors and us was wonderful. My son says the children of our mentors are his brothers. It’s no wonder since they managed to be the family we needed when we needed family the most. Our mentors have been wonderful to us and have made us part of their lives.

Janice’s partnership with Bridge of Hope staff:

Bridge of Hope helped us find a car and furnish our apartment. They not only gave us a place to live and helped to meet our basic needs, but they gave us the opportunity to feel loved and accepted, and to see that we can have a better life. God bless the Bridge of Hope staff and all who are involved with the organization.

How Janice’s life changed:

Bridge of Hope has given us more than we ever thought possible. Because of Bridge of Hope, my son and I have a place to call home. We have a safe home that is worth fighting for and a better life. They have helped us to find faith in God, love of a new family, and hope for a beautiful future.